Repair on the femoral condyle of the knee

Rehabilitation guidelines summary overview*

Preoperative No limit No limit Prevent atrophy
Day 2-5 Total CPM1 3h/day No load RICE2
Heel slides
Isometric exercises
Week 2 Extension of CPM 5 - 10°/day Closed and open chain exercises
Week 3 0 - 90º active flexion 10 - 15 kg with crutches Upper Body Cardiotraining
Week 4-5 0 - 110º active flexion Increase by 10 kg, tempo depending on defect Bicycle and/or rowing ergometry up to 1 h/day
Bilateral closed chain exercises
Unilateral closed chain exercises depending on defect
Week 6-8 0 - 130º active flexion

Reduce the use of crutches depending on defect Increase of knee load during functional activities
Proprioceptive training
Week 9-12 COMPLETE LOAD Improve muscle control, strength and endurance
3-6 months Steps within ROM
Biking/rowing with mild resistance
Bipedal landing on mini-trampoline
Build up specific strength within safe zone (e.g. triplings)
6-9 months Increase resistance
Increase Run training
High load isometric control in loaded zone
Eccentric training full ROM low impact, safe zone high impact
9-12 months Sport-specific exercises for low impact sport allowed (no pivoting sports and open skills)
High impact sports not allowed
> 12 months Sport-specific exercises for high impact sports
Low impact sport exercises

* This is an overview of the rehabilitation guideline. For more detailed information, refer to the description of the guideline.

1 CPM: Continuous Passive Motion

2 RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation

3 ROM: Range of Motion

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